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Are You Suffering From Migraine? Here Is The Drink that will work like a magic on migraine.




Migraine, the name in itself makes you restless and gives you a lot of vibrations in your mind. People who have gone through it know very well that it is not just a headache. Migraine shakes your entire body with visual disturbance, severe headaches that won’t last long, vomiting, high sensitivity to light, sound and even touch.


The regular phone light or a door bell can also be extremely painful in migraine. We have often heard many people saying that migraine can’t be cured. Here we are with a home-made drink which can help you fight migraine.

These three natural ingredients will work like a magic for migraine.

1 Lemon – Usually available in every kitchen

2 Water- Basic necessity of life

3 Himalayan sea salt – Definitely a better option than processed table salt in our lives as it is the purest form of sea salt.


Pour one cup of water into a drinking glass.

Cut the lemon, remove the seeds, add its juice to the water

Add 2 teaspoons of Himalayan sea salt to the water and mix well, your drink is ready.

So need not to worry about migraine if you can’t stop it, you can surely cure it with this magical drink made of natural ingredients.


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