India’s most poplular voice to romantic songs, Arijit Singh is the latest target of gangster Ravi Pujari, only in a very weird way.

The ganster has reportedly threatened the singer to pay him an amount of Rs. 5 Cr. When Arijit protested, for all the right reasons, Ravi Pujari reluctantly agreed to let go of his demand but- here’s the twist!


Gangster Ravi Pujari has put a strange condition afore Arijit Singh that if he is helpless to pay the amount then he must sing for the fugitive a couple of times, for free! Quite a fan, right?

But wait, it gets even more spicy, Arijit recently told the Mumbai Mirror : 

“I am touring the US in September and have a lot of shows coming up there. The shows are being handled by Nattu bhai, who had organised my US tour in 2014 as well. Nattu bhai co-ordinates with promoters from different cities and gets a lot of last-minute requests for extra shows.”

“We decided to not go ahead with one such promoter because he kept bargaining for a lower budget. This particular promoter had certain connections and contacted Ravi Pujari, who exerted a lot of pressure of my manager, Tarsane. I do not answer calls when I am at my studio and Pujari kept pressurising Tarsane, who got scared and informed me of the calls, and then filed a police complaint.”


What do you think now?