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Trending Bigg Boss 11: Shockingly Arshi Khan Reveals Her Father Found a Box...

Bigg Boss 11: Shockingly Arshi Khan Reveals Her Father Found a Box of Condoms in Her Cupboard

Bhopal’s model and actress Arshi Khan, who is getting TRPs in the Bigg Boss show for her nasty behavior and unique style is also trending on Google. In the list of most search things on the Internet by Indians, she is at number second position whereas Sunny Leone is at number 1. Today, we have brought something that will shock you!

As per the media reports, Arshi Khan has a very scandalous past. She apparently spoke about an embarrassing moment while she was having a conversation with Vikas and Puneesh. In this unseen video, published on Voot, Arshi told about her father found a box of condoms in her cupboard. She explained it further that her father Mohammad Armaan Khan had once visited her apartment in Mumbai. She was not at the place due to some work. In her absence, her father decided to clean her cupboard and that’s when he found ‘it’ (referring to the box with condoms).

A report of leading website quoted Arshi’s friend, who is also a Bhojpuri actress as saying,

“I had to take the entire blame. Arshi Khan made me apologise to her father. I was not engaged but Arshi made me tell her father that I was and that the condoms actually were for my use with my boyfriend. As my boyfriend lives with his family, he gave the packet to me for safe keeping. This is what I was made to say by Arshi.”

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Arshi Khan Involved In A Sex Racket In Pune And Goa

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