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High Life Artist Paints Trump, Putin, Obama And Other World Leaders As Refugees

Artist Paints Trump, Putin, Obama And Other World Leaders As Refugees

Our generation is facing a large-scale refugees crisis. Around 65.3 million people around the world have been forced from home. Out of them, 21.3 million people are refugees. Every day, as a result of conflict or persecution, 34,000 people are forcibly displaced. Anyway, a Syrian artist, Abdalla Al-Omari has painted world leaders as refugees and the series is currently on display in Dubai.

world leaders as refugees

Source: Euro News

Omari himself has refugee status in Belgium, and it took him 19 months to create this art exhibition, titled “The Vulnerability Series”.

world leaders as refugees

Source: NewSonia

Al-Omari told CNN, “Being a refugee is like having a new lump in your body that you had nothing to do with, and it will stay until the last day, so you better deal with it.”

world leaders as refugees

Source: News18

“People are sometimes too fond of their politicians. They cannot see them fall off their thrones. They cannot see them weak.”

world leaders as refugees

Source: Euro News

He further added: “Somehow my aim shifted from an expression of anger that I had…to a more vivid desire to disarm my figures, to picture them outside their positions of power.”

Vladimir Putin

Source: moc.media

Omari wanted to imagine how these leaders would look like if they were in the refugee state.

world leaders as refugees

Source: moc.media

Unfortunately, we as a society has done very little to change the situation.

Barack OBAMA as refugee

Source: Euro News

The exhibition includes paintings of Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump, former US President Barack Obama, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, Kim Jong-un and other world leaders.

world leaders as refugees

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