News World Unbelievable Transformation of World's Fattest Boy Who Used to Eat 5 People's Meal...

Unbelievable Transformation of World’s Fattest Boy Who Used to Eat 5 People’s Meal All Alone at One Time Will Shock You!

Arya Permana made the headlines when his mother put him on a last-ditch diet to save his life, as the 10-year-old tipped the scales at a whopping 30th 23lbs. He was severely fat that he spent most of the day lying down and was unable to walk, sit or play for longer than a few minutes.

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His ever-growing 200kg frame had left his helpless parents with so much anxiety that they put him on a strict diet to stop him from bloating even further. Now after a surgery, Arya lost 192 kgs of weight, almost half of his previous weight. At the age of 10, earlier, he used to eat the 5 people’s meal all alone at one time.

This made him fattest that he couldn’t even stand properly. Before surgery, Indonesian World Record Museum has registered his name for making a record of world’s fattest boy. Last year, Arya underwent a gastric sleeve operation in Jakarta’s Omni hospital at the age 12.

After surgery, with a dietitian’s advice, a new healthier diet and strict exercise regime in place, Permana has steadily begun losing weight – already shedding five kilograms in just a few weeks. He can now not only sit but also walk to his school and play with his classmates.

Permana said in an interview:

“I am extremely delighted. I cannot express my happiness in words. It feels great to be back in school. Everyone likes me here. Teachers treat me nicely. I have made many friends and they are very good to me. I also get to play with them. It is so much fun.”

His mother Rokayah Somantri, 35, said:

“My son was growing up at a rapid rate and we were worried for his health. But now we are happy that he has the guidance of doctors and have in fact lost some weight. I cannot wait to see him happy and healthy like other kids.”


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