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As Per BIBLE ‘Predictions’, A mega Tsunami will wipe Out Spain

As Per BIBLE ‘Predictions’, A mega Tsunami will wipe Out Spain

Rimple Verma

Tsunami is one of the Worst and Dangerous Natural Disaster. I can cause mass destruction and kill millions of People. We have seen the dangerous results of Tsunami when in 2004 an earthquake in the Indian Ocean sparked a series of tsunamis that devastated Asia. With Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia the worst affected, the body count totalled more than a quarter of a million people.

Now as per new Hidden Codes in the Bible, a volcano On the CANARY islands will crash into the sea and will cause a huge water waves of 300 ft height, and will send them towards the SPAIN that will kill millions.

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The prophecies, pieced together by a theorist, devastatingly tell how the Cumbre Vieja on La Palma – next to tourist hotspot Tenerife – will collapse into the sea and create “destruction”.

Huge waves of Tsunami will occur and strike the Spain’s south and west coastal area including Portugal, and will affect the lives of millions in both countries.

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Last time Cumbre Vieja erupted was in 1971, and before that 1949. It is now due to erupt again at any moment and can cause a huge Tsunami as per predictions.

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