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Infotainment Mangeshkar Sisters Asha Bhosle and Meena Khadikar Reacts To The Tanmay Bhat...

Mangeshkar Sisters Asha Bhosle and Meena Khadikar Reacts To The Tanmay Bhat Video

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The disgraceful video of Tanmay Bhat which sparked the outrage a few days ago has really won too much hatred from within the country. It was disrespectful enough that the Bollywood stars like Anupam Kher, Ritesh Deshmukh and Paresh Rawal have themselves to come and condemn the Tanmay Bhat video on social media but now it has also forced the Mangeshkar sisters Asha Bhosle and Meena Khadikar to come and speak up on this topic.

Asha Bhosle speaks about the Tanmay Bhat video

“I have not seen the video nor do I intend to. My grandson Chintu informed me about it as I don’t even watch television. I don’t want to say anything except for we are talking about a woman (Lata didi), who has worked for 70-80 years of her life, spreading joy and happiness through her music. I now want to wait and watch how many people will stand by us. Most people have a knack of debating about it for a couple of days and forgetting about it. Aaplya deshat, Bharat Ratnancha kiti aadar aahe hey baghaycha aahe (I want to see what respect and honour do the Bharat Ratnas get in our country). The government has bestowed this honour upon them. They must make a note of this,” says Asha Bhosle who is also standing against Tanmay Bhat’s actions.

If this much criticization is not enough for Tanmay then this is what Meena Khadikar has to say about the Tanmay Bhat video, We don’t know who this man is nor have we discussed this issue with Lata didi. Even news channels should follow some discretion and avoid replaying that video on TV as our phone hasn’t stopped ringing for the past two days. She is 86 years old. Her health is sensitive and this is the last thing she needs to know.”

This is what Meena Khadikar has to say about the Tanmay Bhat video

She further added, “Reacting to the video is giving it undue importance. We avoid talking about these things as it can be misinterpreted and may evoke some other unnecessary controversy. The government should take action against this and people should speak up if they love us. Sachin has achieved so much in his life at such a young age. He has immense respect for didi and vice versa. These are Bharat Ratna awardees. Tyanchya vishayi kahitari ghanerda bolaycha (Talking rubbish about them) in the name of comedy is disgusting. We have nothing against humour, provided it’s in good taste. Several comedians have mimicked Lata didi in the past. Johny Lever mimics Asha but they are funny. None of that made us angry. This is repulsive. There’s absolute disregard for her age or achievements.”

It looks like that all the related person’s comments about this topic has come but still Sachin Tendulkar is still missing to comment anything about the Tanmay Bhat video.

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