One Decision of Doing B-Grade Films Destroyed This Actress’ Career Badly Forever


Asha Sachdev was one of the most beautiful actresses of the 70s. She worked with every popular actor and director of that time. But just one decision of doing a B-grade film put a full stop on her career. After that, she ran out of getting good film offers. The situations became worse and even the directors who were Asha’s friends stopped taking her in their films.

Asha Sachdev

Actually, in 1972 Asha had worked in a B-grade film ‘Bindiya And Bandook’. Kiran Kumar, Helen, Raza Murad, Kesto Mukherji and Joginder Shaily were the other actors who starred in the film.

Asha was also praised for her acting in the film, but due to signing a B-grade film at the beginning of the career, her image became negative in the eyes of A-list directors. After this, every popular director refused to work with Asha. This made her lose many big budget films. So she continued to work in low-budget films as she was abridged to do so.

Instead of leading actress, she got supporting actress roles. Later in 1974, she appeared in a film Wo Mai Nahin with Rekha. In this film, Asha was appreciated for her bold role. But even then this film also didn’t help her to lift to the top.

She then decided to marry her love Kishanlal. He was a business management consultant. They were about to marry, but just a few days before marriage Kishanlal died in a Ship accident near Goa. He was 30 years old when died.

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