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This Famous Bollywood Villain Has Died 182 Times in Reel Life, His Son is His Doppelganger

The famous actor Ashish Vidyarthi who has worked in a number of films. Ashish has become 56 now. He was born in Coonoor on June 19, 1962, in Kerela. His father’s name is Govind Vidyarthi who is a Malayali theatre artist. His mother Reeba Vidyarthi is a Kathak dancer.

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He was one of the iconic villains of the Bollywood. He scared film fans while portraying the roles of a deadly villain in the movies. The audience likes to watch him in the roles of a villain. Ashish started his film career with Kannad Films. After then, he debuted in Bollywood. The film critics appreciated him in the negative or grey shade roles.

To let you know, there is a fact about Ashish Vidyarthi that will surprise you! He has died 182 times in the films. It is because he mostly played the role of a villain in the films. The other surprising fact is, his son looks exactly like him. They are each other’s mirror image.

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