Ashoke Pandit files a complaint against Richa Chadha over her controversial tweet, says ‘Boycott Bollywood is justified’

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit has filed a complaint against actor Richa Chadha over her controversial tweet which read ‘Hi, Galwan’. Even though the tweet was taken off by the actor he filmmaker is determined to act against her statement which seemed to be derogatory for many. He says she can’t just mock soldiers and get away with an apology note.

Ashoke who believes that an apology note can equalize the mocking behavior of the actor towards the army and have henceforth filed a complaint against the actor in Juhu Police Station, Mumbai, and appealed for a First Information Report (FIR).

“This attitude of a responsible citizen to abuse and mock our security forces is not done. When I read the tweet, the visuals of the family crying, shouting and screaming, when the dead bodies of the soldiers come home, came to my mind. Just because you are a celebrity, you cannot mock the soldiers, we are alive because of them. They protect the nation. You can’t make fun of them,” Ashoke says.

He adds, “By inserting them, you are insulting the country. It is an anti-national act of this lady. I thought instead of just tweeting, or showing my anger on social media, I felt it is my duty as a citizen to stand by our soldiers. So that they don’t feel that they are sacrificing their lives. In fact, I want to appeal to the entertainment industry to condemn. If you don’t come in support of the security forces, then the hashtag, Boycott Bollywood is justified”.

On Wednesday, Richa in response to a tweet by Northern Army Commander Lt General Upendra Dwivedi’s which mentioned to implement orders and take back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) wrote “Galwan says hi”.

“She can’t say anything and later say sorry about it. I will see to it that an action is taken against her. I will approach the higher authorities and if need be, CM, and that FIR is filed. One can’t just say anything, and get away by apologising with a note. Sorry is not an answer to it. She has committed a crime against the country, and she should be punished as per the law,” he concludes.

Source Hindustan Times