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High Life A Single Tablet Of Aspirin Can Do Wonders, Know Its Magical Uses

A Single Tablet Of Aspirin Can Do Wonders, Know Its Magical Uses

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If your clothes get stains of sweat during summers and you are not finding any hardcore solution to remove them then you can buy a tablet of Aspirin. Yes, a single tablet of Aspirin which hardly costs 1 rupee can help you remove the stains just like that!

According to a research, you can use Aspirin not only as a source of medicine but also for the household works. Today we are going to reveal the unusual uses of Aspirin that will surprise you.

1) In order to remove the stubborn stains of sweat from your clothes, mash the Aspirin tablet with water and make a thick paste. Then spread this paste on the particular area of stains. The Salicylic Acid present in the Aspirin help in removing the stains. Place it on and wait for 15 minutes, then wash your clothes.

2) Rub Aspirin paste on the allergic area of your body or anywhere where there are spots like mosquito bites, acne or pimples. Gradually the spots will disappear.

3) If you want to make your garden lush green always then use a single tablet of Aspirin in one gallon of water. This will prevent fungus.

4) Want to remove dandruff or dry skin? Use a tablet of Aspirin, mash it and mix it well with the shampoo. Now wash your hair and feel the difference.

5) If there are spots on bath tub because of shaving cream or other then crush two Aspirin tablets, make the spots little wet and put Aspirin powder in it. Leave it for 10 minutes and the spots will disappear.

6) If your hair turned brown or lost their natural colour by any mean, then Aspirin can help you in this also. Make a paste of 6-8 Aspirin pills with water. Rub this on your hair and leave for 10 minutes. Now wash your hair and do it as often this will bring you the magical results.



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