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Trending Astonishing Artforms Around The World That Will Leave You Startled!

Astonishing Artforms Around The World That Will Leave You Startled!

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Artists all over the world have always tried to think out of the box and try something peculiar to achieve what art, that touches people in any way, deserves and yearns for.

It is intriguing as to how much the imagination and creativity of some people evolve to create stupefying new art forms, which maybe a little strange, but whats normal has never really been looked out for!

Feather art



pigeons’ feathers modeled with a lot of patience to create an impressive work of art that not only look good but surely gives a pretty good feel to touch.

Paper art



A brilliant concept and very complicatedly conceived gives an amazing art work to be admired.

Glass Virus Sculptures


glass art

Artists who work with viruses and no, not a virologists. Its to show the people the beauty of viruses and yes, there is one, portrayed in these figurines which is made of glass.

Human flower Art 



It is interesting and absolutely fascinating how an artist can create something utterly unique just by letting people stand at different positions in various postures.

 Matchsticks Art



This is how you play with matches and admirably so!

Foil Art

foil art

We’ve all tried to make things from foil in our younger years. The artist has alos tried something similar giving foil the shape of face placing it over a plaster mould.

Colored Pencil Sculptures



A beautifully conceived and executed art work by using something so simple and normal and transforming it into a great piece of art.

Green Sculptures



This thing is massive and is very popular in Asia where people respect the human’s communion with the nature but it’s starting to become pretty popular in Europe too. It implies a lot of discipline and patience to cut the bush in such a way and no, they’re not plastic leaves.

Hands Art

hand-painting-2 hand-paint-1

It is just a more refined and streamlined form of body painting done only by painting hands to attractively depict animals or birds.

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