At UNSC, India abstained from voting on Ukraine resolution: Know why

As the crisis of war-like situation loomed on Ukraine when Russia announced that it would go on with the attack, the rest of the world panicked. There was a global condemnation of the same, with many taking either side. However, India abstained from voting on the UNSC resolution condemning the Russian invasion. China and the UAE also joined India in doing so. 

The supporting nations

Eleven other member countries supported the resolution, including the US, the UK, Ghana, Kenya, Ireland, Norway, Albania, Mexico, Gabon, and Brazil. It is obvious that Russia vetoed the resolution.

India had a reason for abstaining and it made its stand clear in a statement given by India’s permanent representative, Mr. TS Trimurti, to the UN.

India’s stand at UNSC

India has been affected by the turn of events and shows concern, our urge to the respective nations to immediately stop any kind of hostilities, resulting in loss of human lives. The solution got from this will not be worth it. India has also said that it’s very concerned about the large Indian community residing in Ukraine, especially the student populace.

India urged that the countries should follow the global order on which the UN charter is built. The representative stated further on India’s stand on the matter that the international law states that respecting states’ sovereignty and integral territory must be maintained. All the member nations need to honor them. There needs to be dialogue to settle the differences, however daunting it may appear to be. India has felt bad that the path of diplomacy was given up and they need to go back to the table. For the above-stated reasons, India chose to abstain from voting.