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Atal Bihari Vajpayee Decided to Never Get Married But Later Due to a Tragedy Adopted The Daughter of a Girl he Loved 

One of the greatest leaders of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee remained single all of his life. Leaders are born out of emotions and this phrase exactly goes with former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee who passed away on August 16, due to ill health. But he also fell in love once in his life. he fell in love with a beautiful girl named Rajkumari Kaul. It was back then when there were no mobiles and talking to the girls was restricted. The cupid stuck Vajpayee in 1940.

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Atal and Rajkumari Kaul were good friends in the college and when this friendship turned into love they never got to know. That time a girl and a boy’s friendship was something uncommon. Mr. Vajpayee revealed his feelings for Rajkumari Kaul by writing a letter to her. But when he didn’t get any reply from her, he became sad. He got so heartbroken that he decided to remain single all of his life.

Actually, she also had feelings for him but when her family came to know about this letter they got angry. Her family was against the relationship because Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a Brahman and was not accepted by his family. After some time, Rajkumari got married to Prof. B.N. Kaul who worked in Delhi University and Atal Ji’s love story remained incomplete.

But then fate took a sad twist since Rajkumari was the common link, Mr. Kaul and Atal Ji soon became good friends. And on one everything changed when a tragic incident took place and Mr. Kaul passed away, leaving behind Rajkumari and her daughter Namita all alone. She felt abandoned and helpless. Following the tragic death, Rajkumari was devastated. She turned to Atal Ji for help and support. Atal Ji having great sympathy for her, couldn’t see her in such a pain and took a stern step. He adopted Rajkumari’s daughter and invited them to live with him, in his own home. Since then Rajkumari and her family have been staying with Atal Ji.

Rumors were made about the two but Atal Ji never bothered. Their relationship was kept under the wraps and no one knows what was the bond that they shared. Mrs. Kaul passed away in 2014.

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