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News Reality Check: Will August 12 Meteor Shower Light Up The Whole Sky...

Reality Check: Will August 12 Meteor Shower Light Up The Whole Sky And Night Appear As Day?

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From the last few days, a claim of a rare meteor shower coming on August 12 has been going viral on various social media websites. According to the reports, it is believed that the upcoming meteor shower will be the brightest shower in human history.

A Facebook post went viral in which the following description has been written, “Astronomers have confirmed that there will be a meteor shower on the night of August 12, 2017, which will be the brightest in human history. It will light up the whole sky and the night will appear as day. It will be no doubt once in a lifetime opportunity as the next shower of such kind will be after 96 years.”

August 12 Meteor Shower

Reality Check

What Is True

On August 12, there will be a meteor shower and it is an annual event, termed as Perseid Meteor Shower. It is active from July 13 to August 26. And most importantly, this year may not be the brightest, because the moon will be so bright and will be competing with it.

August meteor shower not expected to be brighter
Source: Forbes

What Is Not True

There is no expectation that this year’s meteor shower will be the brightest. Moreover, the claim that the night will appear as a day is totally baseless. There is no such thing going to happen.

According to the, Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Spaceflight Center confirmed that no outburst of activity is expected this year. The office estimates that 80-100 meteors will be visible per hour under optimal viewing conditions away from light pollution remain about the same estimate in the past.”


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