UN has ranked Australia as the second best country in the world for the quality of life it provides, as per reports based on Economic, Education and life-expectancy data assessment.


The country’s Human Development Index (HDI) was measured to be .935 out of a total of one falling nezt to Norway and beating Switzerland which secured the third place for the year 2015.

The Human Development Index for all nations is calculated based on three main dimensions: Life expectancy at birth, Education which involves expected years of Schooling and lastly Standard of Living which is measured by Gross National Income per Capita.


And on the basis of the afore mentioned parameters, Australia live on to an average of 82-years old, and have 13 years of schooling and the Gross National Income per person is around $58,618. Despite Australian women living on four years longer and hitting the books, the Gross National Income of men was comparatively higher.

Norway has been ranked before Australia as the nation shares a bigger slice of the pie with its citizens and having the highest Gross National Income per person.

Australia Gives You Second Best Life In The World Says UN
Norway ranks first in the UN’s HDI ranking 2015

As per reports, a steady increase in Australia’s HDI has been witnessed with the growth averaging at .32 from the year 1990 to 2014.

Australia’s Trans-Tasman neighbour, New Zealand slipped from the Seventh place to secure a joint Ninth place with Canada.

Here is UN’s List of All the Nations in The Scorecard:

1. Norway

2. Australia

3. Switzerland

4. Denmark

5. Netherlands

6. Germany

7. Ireland

8. United States

9. New Zealand

9. Canada

11. Singapore

184. Burundi

185. Chad

186. Eritrea

187. Central African Republic

188. Niger
India, however not shown in the list, ranks 130th HDI list produced by the UN for 2015. We still have a long ladder to climb on.

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