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Australia’s First Muslim Cricketer Sparked Controversy For Doing Something Extremely Obscene on The Field

Australian batsman Usman Khawaja turned 31 on December 18. He is Australia’s first Muslim cricketer and has a special connection with Pakistan. Actually, this Kangaroo cricketer was born in Islamabad but when he was 5 years old his family got settled in Australia. He played his debut test in 2010-11 against England.

Along with a professional cricketer, he is also a qualified commercial pilot. He has a bachelor degree in Aviation from Australia’s University of New South Wales. Usman was more interested to become a cricketer than a pilot. So he chose cricket as a profession. Usman is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Rachel Maclean.

In the year 2016, Usman sparked a controversy when gave first-time player Adam Zampa a very unusual welcome to the big leagues – a lengthy caress on the bottom while the team sang the national anthem on the field. And the buttock grab was caught on video, in full.

A video shows Khawaja grabbing Zampa’s bottom as the Australian team stood together singing the national anthem before the national side’s game against New Zealand. The footage emerged was being widely distributed on the internet. For an excruciating 12 seconds, the video shows Khawaja fondling and squeezing Zampa’s buttocks. When asked about the video on Twitter, Khawaja laughed it off as a harmless prank.

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