Australian Sky Diving Group Uses Skype To Chat Live While In Air

Oh! The thrill of free falling from a thousand feet high in the sky. A once in a lifetime experience! This group of Divers in Australia decided to go Sky diving from a height of 14,000 feet but in a unique way.

Mike Graziano, the travel blogger, decided to add more fun and make thng more interesting by using Skype to chat live while Sky diving.

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Therefore, all the members decided to stay in touch and share their experience of Sky Diving with their family back home, through Skype. Roger, a traveler from Ireland called his parents back home just before he hopped out of the bowels of the airplane.

Seeing their son jump out of the aircraft, his parents reacted in the most hilarious way, genuine shock and thrill marked their faces. Roger’s father initially had thought that he was in a bus, until he saw him free falling through the sky.

On the other hand, Roger’s mother was so impressed that she instantly clicked a picture of him skydiving from the plane flying so far up.

Roger’s parents were utterly happy and relieved to see him touch the ground, glad that he didn’t get hurt or anything.

Check out the video of their wonderful SkyDiving experience right here

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