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Austria To Ban The Islamic Full-Face Veil (Burqa) In Public Places




Austria might soon ban the Islamic full-face veils (burka) in public places and join the list of countries that have done so.Austria ban burqa full-face veil

Austria might soon pass the law banning people from covering their face in public places like courts, school, and malls. The ban will include the Islamic ‘Niqab’ and ‘Burqa’ generally worn by Muslim women.

The ruling coalition agreed in January 2017 to ban full-face veils, saying it was considering a general ban on state employees wearing the headscarf and other religious symbols. The measures are an attempt to oppose the rise of the far-right Freedom Party whose popularity has increased in the last several months and almost won the presidency in December 2016.Austria Burqa Ban EuropeThe ban will not also allow judges, police officers and public prosecutors from wearing the face-veil in order to show the public of Austria that they are ‘ideologically and religiously neutral’ when serving the state.

In Europe, France was the first nation that banned the full-face veil from public places six years ago. Since then European countries have followed the trend, namely – Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Netherlands.

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