Average Age Of Women For Marriage Decided By Countries

Average age of girls to get married

Parents consider it appropriate to ask their children when they will get married. It seems that negotiations with women in this subject start from the age of 18-20. Whenever you are serious about your relationship with your lover, So your relatives keep pushing and training with you on this subject. In any form, I doubt that this question is a frequently asked question from men. The interesting fact is that the more stable and advanced the country is, the more people feel that they will marry late. At present, the general trend of marriage has changed globally. People like to get married late. He waits until he is determined to be bound in this bond. Not really at every place but it seems that we are all at the top. Let us have a look at the age at which women are married in different countries and its figures.


The average age of marriage for women is 22 years in rural India. Interestingly, women from urban areas marry at the age of 26 years. With economic development, we have seen a change in mindset, and the average age of marriage in India has improved. A comparison with the numbers recorded in the last decade shows that women in India are now more aware of their marriage age.

Average age of girls to get married


In Mexico, there was a terrible history of marriage at an early age. But since the laws have changed, the age limit has also changed since the early 20s. You might wonder what it was before? But 23 years of age is still less for marriage. The most disturbing thing is that in Mexico it is still common to think that women are only for getting married. She is a housewife who raises children and takes care of the family. This idea is hindered by some women waiting longer, receiving higher education, and making progress.

Average age of girls to get married


The average age of marriage in Russia is 24 years. This is a big improvement, and it seems that women are following the women of the west and preferring to wait longer for marriage. According to West, the age is still 24, but it is enough to complete a university education as well as to mentally understand who she really wants to spend her life with.

Average age of girls to get married


China was infamous for marriage at an early age, but it has also had an impact on marriage traditions ever since it has faced the country’s development and lack of economic development. There are still many cases of marriage before the age of 25, but highly educated women prefer to wait. Who knew it could also have the effect of getting the desired work and empowering oneself.

Average age of girls to get married


Show honesty, you expect the number to be lower in Spain, isn’t it? Spanish women eventually marry early due to their highly emotional appearance. But at the same time it also shows that even though the law in Spain allows people to get married quickly, most of them do not hasten to get into this bond.

Average age of girls to get married


Japanese women are getting married around the age of 30, most of them believe that the reason for this is their career. Economic independence is important for most women in Japan these days. She strives for a successful career and gives her time. And when she attains the level of success, then she gets married only once after meeting a qualified person. In fact, financial support and stability are not an issue of marriage, so Japanese women have no reason to marry early.

Average age of girls to get married


Obviously, the women of Finland do not value the old traditions. Here, if a woman does not get married for 30 years, she is considered to be a failure. You know this thing which you must have heard. Well, won’t be heard like other women. They marry-until the normal 30s and the rate of separation is low here.


France is seen as a super romantic country and many people especially come here to propose marriage to their partner. But the women here do not think about love and marriage. There is love in the atmosphere here, but the priority of marriage is less. Many couples are dating and eventually live together for the pre-marriage years. Most children in the country are born before marriage and parents marry later. They only know that marriage is a ceremony and there is no need for genuine happiness in it. Marriage is a symbolic gesture, in which people do not need to love.


In fact, it is not surprising for the people of Italy to remain unmarried for 30 years. This is very common in real terms. Perhaps you think that Italy is a traditional country for marriage and family values. This is also true, but people do not just marry. Women wait 30 years for marriage, and it is interesting that they live longer than their spouses.

Average age of girls to get married

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