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Entertainment This Actor Called Shweta Tiwari "Buddhi" Refused To Romance With Her

This Actor Called Shweta Tiwari “Buddhi” Refused To Romance With Her

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This is totally disgusting and not appreciable from an actor to insult another actor on the ground of age, colour or caste. It’s a talent and an art that makes an actor An Actor! When actress Shweta Tiwari was replaced by Megha Gupta in the Life Ok’s show ‘Inteqam Ek Masoom Ka’, everybody got surprised that what made the makers of the serial do that?

Now the reason has revealed and this will shock you to the core. Yes, the lead actor of the show Avinash Sachdev is the reason, Shweta Tiwari got replaced by an another actress. As per the reports, “When Avinash came to know that he was to romance Shweta Tiwari on the show, he put his foot down and told the makers he cannot work with her as she is too old to romance. He said Shweta looks much older now and that would affect their chemistry on screen.”

When the media confronted Avinash about this he said, “I don’t even know Shweta Tiwari. We have never been introduced. So how can I have a problem with her? It’s bizarre.” Whereas, on asking Shweta Tiwari she said, “I Googled to see what he looks like. I realized he’d acted in Chhoti Bahu. Producer Anuradha Sarin has been a dear friend for the past 12 years. She narrated the script to me, but I didn’t want to do it since it was a negative role. She was ready to give me my asking price and open to my timings.”

Well, for Avinash we have an advice that respect an artist and appreciate working with senior actors. They will give you an experience for a better career and remember one day you will also going to be a “Buddha!” nothing is permanent in this world.


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