Most people are currently working from home due to Corona Lockdown in India. Many people also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter during Work From Home. You have to avoid some mistakes using these social media apps, otherwise, you can get into big trouble.

1. Check Before Sharing Any News

You can get into trouble by sharing any kind of fake news on the WhatsApp group. The police can also arrest you. Many times we do not know that the information we are forwarding is fake or true.

2. Don’t Share Your Workplace Pics

If you share a photo of your work on social media, then many times you also share confidential information by mistake. It is also against the policy of the company.

3. Sharing About Your Work And Office

Do not share office related gossips on social media. Keep these things confined only to your calls. Avoid talking on your boss or company on social media platforms.

4. Don’t Share Any Company E-Mail

Do not share your company’s policy, HR email or other confidential information on social media.

5. Videos Related To COVID-19

Do not share videos of COVID-19’s patient or violence related to it which are not confirmed yet. Sometimes a wrong video can get anyone in trouble.

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