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This Famous Bollywood Actress Wanted to Marry 22 Years Elder And Already Married Mithun Chakraborty, They Were in a Live-in Relationship

Who is dating who is difficult to say when in the Bollywood? The hook-ups and the break-ups are the common scenarios of the Bollywood. Every day a number of hearts break down but there exist some love stories in this tinsel town that are rememberable. Today we will tell you about a beautiful actress’ love story which is unique and bizarre at the same time.

She had an affair with 22 years elder actor and he was already married twice. The actress is none other than the 90s beauty of the Bollywood, Ayesha Jhulka. She was one of the highest paid and famous actresses of her times. Ayesha is very beautiful and stylish.

Ayesha had worked with Akshay Kumar in film Khiladi. She has worked with many big and A-lister actors of the Bollywood. Reportedly, Akshay had an affair with Ayesha during the making of film Khiladi. They came closer and Ayesha was so serious about this relationship but it was Akshay who considered it as a casual fling. This ended their relationship.


Along with that one more relationship of Ayesha had become the talk of the town. Ayesha had an affair with 22 years elder actor Mithun Chakraborty. They together worked in films like Dalal, Mafia Raaj, Muqadar.

Reportedly, at that time it was a buzz that they both were living in a live-in relationship. Mithun was already married at that time and had children too.

Ayesha wanted to marry him even that, she was mad at him. But after some time due to several reasons, they had a broke up. The reasons behind this break up are still unknown.

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