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Ayushamann had been preparing for ‘Puja’ since he was 15

Ayushamann had been preparing for ‘Puja’ since he was 15


Ayushmann Khurrana seems very excited for his new movie ‘Dream Girl’. He is playing as a girl named puja in his upcoming movie. The movie is releasing on 13th September, next Friday. He said he can not wait to see the reaction of the audience over his performance. Let us see how his fans admire or take him in this new transformation.

The story of the movie revolves around him as he works in a call center. Where he used to talk in a girl’s voice. Ayushmann is playing as a guy named Lokesh, where gradually with the script he has portrayed as a girl name ‘Puja’.

Ayushmann said, initially filmmakers were looking for the female actress to dub for him as a ‘Puja’. But, since Ayushmann wanted to give it a try by himself. He tried and practiced for it and succeeded in getting a voice like a girl. He added personally he love Priyanka Chopra’s voice a lot.

For those who do not know about Ayushmann, so just to let them know, he is an actor with many talents. During his RJ days, he uses to prank many callers by talking in a female voice. After practicing for such a long time, finally, he got control over it. He said, of course, he has to give 30-40 takes while focussing on every single line. ”It was hard to do, but finally got it right.” told the portal.

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He also revealed that when he was 15 he used to call her girlfriend and if her parents pick up the call. He speaks in a girl’s voice pretending to be one of her female friends. He said ‘I think I’d been preparing for this film for years.’

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