'India Today' Puts The 'Glamorous' Baba Ramdev On Cover And The Social...

‘India Today’ Puts The ‘Glamorous’ Baba Ramdev On Cover And The Social Media Goes Mad

Baba Ramdev is famous all over the country for his yoga practices and the Patanjali products but recently, The magazine ‘India Today‘ really increased his fame by putting him on their magazine cover.

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Last time, the country was in the talks of Baba Ramdev when he tried to flee in female attire from Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan or for wanting to ‘behead’ those who refuse to say, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai“.

And Yes The News Is True And Baba Ramdev Can Be Seen On India Today’s Latest Magazine

The magazine cover shows Baba Ramdev in a yogic posture, but still awkward according to some people as the Babaji is in ‘Dhoti’ and is facing the camera while bending down and looking from in between his legs.

The Magazine Features The Baba As ‘Power Yogi’ But This Is How The @Gotham3 Showed His Power To The Magazine:

1. Baba’s Great Dive

Ramdev swimming

2. Yes! Yoga Is very Beneficial For A Sportsperson And Can Easily Make You A Great Goalkeeper


3. Babaji But We Still Doubt That Whether It Helps Us In Flying Or Not


4. Skydiving!!! Yayy!!!


5. And Babaji Even Pikachu Also Wants To Know That Whether Yoga Helps Us In Flying Or Not

Baba Ramdev with pikachu

6. And The Awesome Shot Clicked Right Before Babaji Entered The Swimming Pool

Ramdev diving in swimming pool

7. Wait, Was Babaji There At Olympics Too?

baba ramdev

8. And Whoa!!! Pikachu It Looks Like We Finally Got Our Answer


Wait, The Bigger Question Is Waiting On The Next Page…

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