Baba Ramdev Falls Off The Elephant While Doing Yoga On Him


Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is in Mathura these days, he is practicing yoga on elephant in Ramanrati Ashram situated in Mahavan. Baba Ramdev was doing Bhramari pranayam on elephant during yoga session, during which the elephant started shaking, it disturbed Baba’s balance. However, slipping on the elephant, Baba Ramdev made his balance in such a way that he almost came to the ground by jumping, it stirred there, Baba is not hurt by it.

During this, a video of Baba Ramdev is doing yoga postures on an elephant which has gone viral on Tuesday. This video is about 22 seconds in which Baba is doing yoga posture sitting on the elephant, suddenly the elephant shakes and Baba’s balance deteriorates. Have a look: