Baba Ramdev Launched Medicine For Coronavirus: Here’s The Reaction


Yoga guru baba Ramdev launched the Ayurvedic medicine Coronil.  The medicine claims that this drug can cure the coronavirus. But after the news surfaced this is how people reacted to it.

The global pandemic COVID -19 has taken the life of many people. So far the number of cases all over the world have reached nearly 90 lakh. As India is also facing a sharp rise in coronavirus cases every day, the quest for medicine and vaccine against the disease has gained momentum. People from all over the world are putting their efforts and working tirelessly to introduce a vaccine that can eradicate or control this deadly virus. Amidst this, the ayurvedic consumer goods company founded by Baba Ramdev has come up with a cure. Patanjali Ayurved Limited MD Acharya Balkrishna had announced the launch on Twitter on Monday evening.

Yoga guru Ramdev later announced about the Ayurvedic medicine Coronil in Haridwar on Tuesday. He claims that this drug can cure the coronavirus. There are reports that 69% of the patients tested recovered from COVID-19 within three days. Let us tell you that it is a joint effort by Patanjali Research Institute in Haridwar and the National Institute of Medical Science. Soon after the news about the launch of this drug by Ramdev surfaced. There has been a flood of memes on Twitter. People are sharing innumerable jokes and memes on social media. Check below:

Let us tell you that this is not the first time people have made fun of Baba Ramdev. Earlier also people made fun of him. However talking about the medicine launched by him will work or not, can only be known after people starts using it. And if it does, Ramdev Ji will once again make it to headlines.

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