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High Life Baba Re Baba!! Meet The Real 'FAKE' Business Tycoons Of India

Baba Re Baba!! Meet The Real ‘FAKE’ Business Tycoons Of India

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I am unable to write about their assets because what figure I will cite will be surplused by few more crores when you will read it. These Babas are business tycoons, spiritual magnates, yoga-gurus, temple-raisers, running hawala rackets, sex-rackets. It is astonishing that people who are more educated fall prey to their tricks.

Here is a list of some self-proclaimed Gods:

1. Ichadhari Baba a.k.a Baby Doll of Babas


Shiv Murat Dwivedi alias Ichadhari Baba, a former security guard of five-star hotel, turned Baba to run sex-racket, cooling his heels in prison, booked under Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

2. Kissing Baba


A fake saint who hugs and kisses devotees to “remove” their affliction and “solve” financial and domestic problems. The bogus baba, popularly known as “kissing baba”, has been “treating” people suffering from ill health with his hugs and kisses.

3. Baba Vikasanand a.k.a Shakti Kapoor of Babas


Remember Shakti Kapoor’s scene with a girl in a hotel? Obviously, you have!! Bathing in a swimming pool surrounded by 17 different women and then installing a sex room in an asaram is just taking things to the next level!

4. Baba Ramdev a.k.a Yoga Salesman of India


Is he a yoga guru, a businessman or a politician? God knows what is up with him!! With the huge success of Patanjali group, it seems Vijay Mallaya should consult him for some business tips.

5. Baba Sarsewala a.k.a Swag Baba


The Salman Khan of Babas he has the swag going on for him! He has to his kitty a movie for god sake!! His swag has left everyone speechless. I mean who needs Lady Gaga when we have our own Lady Baba!!

6. Nirmal baba a.k.a Papri Chat Baba


Does he not have breakfast in the morning? Always talking about food, especially papri chat!! Mummy you should have given me samosa instead of dahi cheeni before leaving the house. Kripa toh samose se aa rahi hai na!!

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