High Life The Bitter Truth of Air Hostess' Life, Know What VIP Passengers do...

The Bitter Truth of Air Hostess’ Life, Know What VIP Passengers do to Them!

Air hostess’ life is considered as a glamorous and high-salaried job. But did you know they have to face the worst and dirty experiences on the same side? According to a survey, an air hostess told that,

“In the international flights when the passengers get drunk highly, they start considering plane as their private place. They take off their clothes and sleep all naked. It is illegal in the flight but even then they do so!”

The other reveals,

“Once a crazy passenger peed on an intercom telephone used by the air hostess. This made her lost her control but she managed somehow as she was on her duty.”

The another said,

“A passenger stole the sandwich of an airhostess from the gallery counter. The airhostess ate it the half and put the rest on plate to eat after some minutes as she had some work came in between. The sandwich had lipstick marks on it, even then the passenger stole it and ate it. When the air hostess caught the passenger and asked him it was her, he said so what! He was hungry.”

Some Yoga lovers start doing Yoga in between the seats. This creates hurdles for the air-hostesses. An air hostess said due to bad weather she collided with the ceiling twice and fell on the floor. A trolly bag fell on her one of the feet and she got fractured.

Some people really behave badly with the air-hostess as they think they are their servants. But do remember everyone in this world is doing his/her job. Try to give respect as it the right of every other human being on the planet.

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