Baghpat man video goes viral
Baghpat man video goes viral

A video of a man from Baghpat has gone viral after he was seen hitting the shopkeeper. The incident happened at Atithi Bhavan market area in Baraut, where he had a fight with the shopkeepers over getting more customers to the shops. According to him, he was running the shops for many years, but for few months he was losing customers. The fight that has been making rounds lasted for about 20 minutes.

As per the information by police officials at Baghpat police station, almost 12 people are said to be injured while eight were arrested related to the incident. Soon after the video made rounds the Twitter users took to their respective microblogging sites to tweet about the man with orange hair. Some called him einstein while some compared him with the virus, which was a character played by Bohman Irani in 3 idots.

In the video, we can see the orange-haired man hitting the shopkeepers. However, it was not just him but the fight that occurred between two groups. Although it was something serious the Twitterati made him a meme star by posting hilarious memes. So let’s check them out.

Have a look at the video:

Checkout the memes below:

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