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Bang On Reply From Girls To The Epic Pyaar Ka Punchnama Speech

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 got the most heavy dosed response from the audience for its epic and hilarious portrayal of Guys facing basic problems in a relationship. Though the movie was a tad bit biased and somewhat stereotyped Girls, we still loved it for all its power packed punches of laughter and just to let Boys have some fun, especially at the part when Rajat rants about the Problem called Girls! And finally, now we have a bang on reply from girls to the epic Pyaar Ka Punchnama speech… Girls! YOu’re Gonno Love it! Watch it right here!

Every story has two sides to it and one should never get to any conclusion without knowing both the sides. If you, Dear boys, hate talking us to sleep, you must know how we too, hate to fake that Orgasm in bed. If you feel the rage to shout while we try to talk to you during a cricket match then you must know how it feels when you want us to dress a certain way, a way that you can handle!

Bandi ke peechne Bhagne se le k and usse date krne ke baad relationship ke Ch*tiyape tak sab apne Bhaiyon ko Bataenge, Par jab apni Bajwa k wapis Usi bandi k paas aaenge, toh woh kabhi nahi bataenge. 

We know its a little Hard to live with us but HARD hone ke liye bhi You know who you need! 😉

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