Ex Bigg Boss contestants Bani J and Sapna Bhavnani are known to be feminists in their own right. Recently at a musical festival, they get too close for comfort. They made a Boomerang video where they can be seen kissing each other in public.

Bani posted the video on her Insta story where she and Sapna are kissing while the sun is setting in the background. Sapna shared the same video and captioned it “You are my sunshine @banij.”

Are Bani J And Sapna Bhavnani Lesbians? Their Lip Locking Picture Is Taking The Internet By Storm

The video doesn’t show their locking lips but it looks like they are pretending to kiss against a beautiful backdrop. In one of the boomerang video, Sapna is showing her middle finger to the camera while Bani is pouting. Probably they are trying to give some message to the world or it might be just for fun.

Here is the glimpse what they all did.

#Repost @banij ・・・ Joy Ride. The beauty in letting it all Go is you get to see what comes back or stays.. right? I've always had more Questions than Answers. #attainment #things #beautifulThings #beautifulPeople #notjusttheoutsides #imallabouttheinsides #getintoit #loyaltyisFleeting #stayTrueBooBoo #notjustabouttheGoodtimes Life is precious, people are precious. Don't betray yourself, don't betray love. Honesty and being present are the greatest things we can offer to ourselves and to others. Shiny new things only hold any sort of REAL value if you get to share them with REAL people you actually appreciate and value. BE there for one another. BE true and OPEN. BE, together. The rest of the game is just about numbers. And who cares about that when your times up anyway? I just want to remember and think of all the people I loved and the best life I lived. Only good shit. Fuck the bad shit. Ain't nobody got time for that. Surround yourself with celestial level connections and love. Everything rises up out of that✨ #getonaHigherFrequency #vibrateHigher #intergalacticLvl

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Bani and Sapna are good friends as Bani has often been seen hanging out with the celebrity hair stylist and has also shared pictures with her.

Bani J is currently rumoured to be in a relationship with Yuvraj Thakur. On the other hand, Sapna has been quite open about her bisexuality.

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