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News Obama's Thanksgiving Call To PM Modi- 4 Years of Togetherness

Obama’s Thanksgiving Call To PM Modi- 4 Years of Togetherness

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a phone call from the outgoing US President Barack Obama thanking him for his contribution towards strengthening US-India ties. Both worked jointly over his years and took the relationship on to a new level.

Both the leaders discussed the advancement they have made together to achieve mutual goals and their share towards World economy. Also, India has now become the major defense Allie with America.

narendra modi and barack obama

America also propelled India on the issue of Climate Change, basically to accept its liability and to step up a complete plan or idea to decrease global emissions. It was the first time for US President to visit India twice which eventually strong the bonds between both the countries.

During Obama’s presidency:

  1. India and US Renewed a 10-year defense pact, military hardware production.
  2. Cooperation to support the development of three smart cities.
  3. Around $3 billion (Rs 18,000 crore) worth of social security pact
  4. Steps over H-1B visa issue
  5. Ease of doing business.

Obama also once stated Importance of Tolerance in his speech :

“India will succeed as long as it’s not splintered along religious lines…nowhere is it more important to uphold religious freedom than in India”

narendra modi and barack obama

Mr.Obama also extends his affectionate greetings ahead of India’s upcoming 68th Republic Day and wished Mr.Modi best of luck for the future.

The two leaders shared a responsible relationship over the years and a mutual respect which finally added up to the economies of both the countries. Now India is looking forward towards Mr.Trump and his way of working.

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