News Barack Obama To Run For President In France?

Barack Obama To Run For President In France?

Tens of thousands of French voters have signed a petition urging Barack Obama to run for president again, but this time, in France. Some people there are not happy with the national contenders contesting for the country’s presidency, so they are hoping that the former U.S. president will step in and run for office.

Source: Zero Hedge

A website and poster campaign launched on Monday, titled “Obama17”, requesting French people to sign a petition to induce Obama to enter the race. The petition has already crossed 30,000 signatures and the goal is to get 1 million signatures.

One of the creators of the campaign who simply called himself “Barack” spoke to the Independent:

“It arose from a conversation with friends. We decided that we didn’t want to vote for any of the candidates in this election and that it has been the same for the last few elections. Voters are fed up of voting against people rather than for someone they actually support every time. So we thought it would be ingenious to give the power to Obama since he’s now available.”

Barack Obama
Source: Liberty Viral

He further added: “It is ultimately a joke. We want people to wake up in the morning and, rather than have to see our usual candidates, rejoice in seeing Obama’s face on the 500 posters we put up on the streets of Paris and get away from the repeated scandals we are hearing about.”

So far there has been no reply from Obama’s personal office.

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