High Life Basic Office Manners : Behave Yourself Before Someone Points Out Your Mistakes...

Basic Office Manners : Behave Yourself Before Someone Points Out Your Mistakes !

We all have to work at some point in our lives this is a fact but we all do not know how to BEHAVE at office this is also a fact !!  There are certain manners and etiquettes which are basic and we all should follow at our workplace. But some are maybe unaware of it or do weird stuff  knowingly at the office.

These are some basic office etiquettes which we all should know, and they are –

Don’t Be Late, Always Be On Time

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This is the most important thing one should never be late for office, some days it can be used as an excuse but not regularly. Being punctual is a habit which can be developed with time. And even if you get late don’t give excuses cause we all have gone through it.

Keep Your Phone On Silent Mode


Always keep your phone on silent mode ! It is a common sense when you enter a hospital, a worship place or office. As your out of the blue ringtone can disturb others. So keep it low !!

Pay Full Attention


Whenever you are in a meeting or if somebody is even talking to you pay them full attention as it is a good sign. It shows that you are “There” and serious for your job. avoid scrolling down your smartphone.

Have Your Lunch In The Cafeteria


During lunch or  a  break if you want to eat something eat it in a break room or cafeteria. Do not open your smelly food in the office as it might be a problem for others.

Keep It Down, Just A Tad !!


We know you like to talk and gossip who doesn’t ? But keep your volume low. don’t disturb other they might want to work.

Do Not Use Other Property


It is a bad manner to use other property without their consent. Do not use other employee things without their permission. Even do not drink somebody else’s water.

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