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News Revealed-Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fires? Full Investigation Report

Revealed-Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fires? Full Investigation Report

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30-days long investigation into the cause of sudden explosions of Galaxy Note 7 device has finally revealed. The South Korean manufacturer, in a presentation and news conference, detailed the results of investigation into Note 7 smartphone that burst into flames last year.

Flaws in battery manufacturing and design

Yes, it is true according to an analyst at HMC Investment Greg Roh  “It was the battery — not the device itself”. The defects happened both during the design and Manufacturing face. The Electrodes within the batteries came in touch with each other, causing a short circuit which in turn caused fires. At the same time, Company ensured that this will not happen again in future.

Samsung galaxy note 7 busted

The 2.5 million smartphones were first recalled on 2nd September and in returned they offer refund or replacement. Then on 9th September, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a statement arguing people to stop the use of phone. On 11th October, the company permanently stopped the production of the smartphone. Ultimately, company has lost $5.2 billion. The probe was involved over 200,000 phones and 30,000 separate batteries.

The UL LLC, Exponent Inc. and TUV Rheinland Group were also helped Samsung in its investigation. Another bad news for Samsung is that the company is rumored to involve in a bribery case.

The company is now preparing up for their another release in Galaxy S line(Galaxy S8). The HMC’S Roh said-:

“Consumers will not tolerate even the tiniest problems in the S8, so that’s even the bigger challenge for Samsung now, The first month of the release will be important”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It is not clear yet that Samsung SDI and TDK will bear the total cost of recall or not. SDI has invested 150 billion won($129 million) in safety and its batteries will be used in Samsung Electronics’ next smartphone model.


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