The present super comedian on the social networking sites, Bhuvan Bam also known as BB is liked by one and all. A couple of nights ago, a major mishappening took place as his video was deleted by youtube reason being he just used a 5-second audio of Taher Shah’s song in his video. Such an activity by Taher Shah doesn’t make him a superior human being but a harsh star instead.

Bhuvam Bam - BB Vines Papa MaaKiChu Got Deleted From Youtube Channel

Bhuvan Bam uploaded a video last night telling everyone what actually has happened. He further requested his fans to help him in bringing the video back on youtube channel. And the next morning, the video was re-uploaded on youtube with around 2.5 million views and counting in just a period of two weeks.

thanksgiving post - BB Vines Papa MaaKiChu Got Deleted From Youtube Channel

The 1.5-month hard work that was engaged in the video papa MKC should not have been deleted because of a 5-minute audio in it. What actual emphasis that should have been laid behind this issue is the audio part should have been deleted or should be replaced by some other song. But deleting that video from the Youtube Channel was never a solution.

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