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BB9 Rochelle Worried About Mandana’s Closeness With Keith

Bigg Boss 9 has become quite interesting in just a few days. Last night’s episode showed Rochelle Maria Rao and Manadana Karimi’s verbal cat-fight over Keith Sequeira who is Rochelle’s Boyfriend.


Rochelle is paired with Prince Narula while Keith has Mandana as his partner and Rochelle was seen getting a little tense over Keith’s growing proximity with Mandana. In Monday’s episode, Rochelle made it clear to Keith that he should not get too close to Mandana, as people may take it otherwise.


Interestingly, during the premiere when Mandana chose Keith he told her that he’s been dating Rochelle Maria Rao but quickly added that its just been Three months! Something Fishy about it isn’t there?


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