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Why BCCI Won’t Let NADA To Conduct Dope Tests On Indian Cricketers?




On Friday, The Board of Control for Cricket in India responded to the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) on doping issue. In a letter to the sports ministry, CEO Rahul Johri has said that the NADA has no jurisdiction to conduct dope tests on Indian cricketers. The BCCI is an autonomous sports organisation and is affiliated with International Cricket Council (ICC), therefore will only follow the rules set by it.

The letter states:

“At the very outset, it is necessary to clarify that the BCCI is not a National Sports Federation but an autonomous sports organisation affiliated to the International Cricket Council (ICC), which governs the game of cricket globally.”

BCCI has a robust dope testing mechanism

Johri further wrote: “The BCCI already has a robust dope testing mechanism, which is employed for both during competitions and out-of-competitions and the testing of samples by International Doping Tests and Management (IDTM) is already being done at WADA accredited laboratory (NDTL) under the aegis of the Sports Ministry.”

“The IDTM sends the collected samples for testing to a WADA accredited laboratory viz, National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL), as mandated by WADA. Since the CEO of NDTL is the sports secretary, the dope testing for BCCI is conducted under the aegis of the Sports Ministry.”

Why BCCI Won't Let NADA To Conduct Dope Tests On Indian Cricketers?

Source: SportsKeeda

Earlier, sports secretary Rahul Bhatnagar had told NADA to conduct the dope tests on Indian cricketers. Send dope control officers to the cricket competitions and take tests and if BCCI resists, sports ministry will deal with that.


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