Bearded Bride Harnaam Kaur Redefines Beauty

Harnaam Kaur grew up in the UK, a time she does not remember too fondly because of all the bullying she underwent. At 11, she began growing facial hair because she suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome. “I started to wax my facial hair, tweeze it off, thread it off,” she says. “I shaved every day and I even used hair removing creams. My skin became very rough, I was left with scabs, and parts of my skin were torn off when I was waxing,” she said to People Magazine. This led to severe depression, which then led to self harm, and she eventually considered suicide.

When bridal blogger Kat Williams saw photos of Harnaam Kaur, she knew she had to feature them on her site. Williams decided to share Kaur’s story on her site alongside the photos because the young woman’s message is one of body acceptance.

One day she had an epiphany that led her o make the conscious decision to grasp hold of her life. She fully accepted herself just the way she is. Nowadays she is booming with confidence.
She posted the pictures from the photoshoot on her instagram along with some words of wisdom.

“I love doing different types of photo shoots. I love portraying a diverse image in society. Never be afraid of being who you truly are supposed to be. You are absolutely amazing just as you are. Never let the words and taunts of other break you or put you down x Here i am looking for my wondering husband haha xx.”


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