Trending "Beat Plastic Pollution" on "World Environment Day"

“Beat Plastic Pollution” on “World Environment Day”

As we know that 5 June is celebrated as a “World Environment Day” since 1974. It is one of the most important days celebrated by United Nations. Further, more than 100 countries celebrate this day and hosts turn by turn, so, this year India is hosting the “World Environment Day”. Apart from this, The theme for this world environment day is “Beat Plastic Pollution”.


We all know that the use of plastic is really very harmful to our environment but still we are using it and become a plastic addict. So, on this “World Environment Day” take a pledge not use plastic and find other alternatives for the things which are made up of plastic.

Furthermore, this day is celebrated for people to do anything to save earth from pollution such as planting trees, refuse plastic use, and save water and so on. So, according to the theme of this year, we should refuse or reduce the use of plastic because the burden of plastic pollution is increasing day by day on our environment.

Moreover, an artist made a sand painting with the message to beat the plastic pollution.

Apart from this, many Bollywood celebrities take initiatives to reduce plastic pollution. They posted their pictures of using alternatives for things made up of plastic.

Moreover, Tamil Nadu government bans the plastic manufacture and use of water bottles, bags, cups, straw etc from January 1, 2019. Plastic packaging will only be allowed for milk, curd and medical items. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister E Palaniswami has announced the plan for plastic-free Tamil Nadu in the state assembly.

So, let’s do something today to save our future. We should not waste water and save trees to protect the environment and ourselves. Don’t be plastic addicted and use alternatives to use of plastic. So, avoid plastic keep our planet clean and green.

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