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Trending Beautiful Pakistani Player is Mad at This Young Indian Batsman

Beautiful Pakistani Player is Mad at This Young Indian Batsman

We know that Pakistani girls are known for their beauty. One of these Pakistani girls, one who is also a player is crazy at India’s young batsman. The name of this girl is
Syeda Mahpara. She is a very beautiful player from Pakistan. She is a goalkeeper from Pakistan’s woman football team which always grab headlines and is one of the popular internet stars.

Born on 8 July 1990, she is 28 years old. Syeda Mahpara Shahid Bukhari, known as Syeda Mahpara or Mahpara Shahid is an international footballer from Pakistan. She was the goalkeeper for the national team. During an interview, when one of the reporters asked her which player from India they like the most. She replied that “I love playing cricket too and if I talk about Indian cricketers, then I like Virat Kohli’s batting very much.”

She said that she really likes Virat Kohli and is a big fan of him. Indian players are very popular in other countries. They are liked by the people and have fans from all across the globe. After Syeda’s statement that she liked Virat Kohli, she got criticized by many people in Pakistan. But Syeda says she just like Virat’s batting and nothing more than that and admiring someone for his game is not wrong.

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