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High Life These Incredible Modern Art Structures Around The World Will Astound You

These Incredible Modern Art Structures Around The World Will Astound You

The world is getting advanced day by day with the advent of technology. Talking about our lives, they are full of necessary structures from basic furniture to the buildings we live and work in. Some of the most incredible modern architectural wonders have sprung up in cities around the world in the past few decades. These are the most creative and innovative structures that will blow your mind.

1) Stone House, Guimares, Portugal

2) Polygone Riviera, France

This is actually a shopping complex situated along the French Riviera.

3) Elevated Bike Path, Denmark

Who doesn’t want to ride on this bike path? It is awesome!

4) House on the Cliff, Spain

This stunningly amazing house is designed by Architect Gil Bartolomé. It looks like an anguished face on the outside.

5) OCAD University, Canada

The Ontario College of Art and Design ought to have a distinctive building, and it does. This building, known as the ‘Tabletop’, towers above the streets of downtown Toronto.

6) Kansas City Library, Missouri, USA

Have you ever seen a building of library a book itself?

7) House Attack, Vienna, Austria

8) Cubic Houses (Kubus Woningen) Rotterdam, Netherlands

9) The Basket Building, Ohio, USA

10) Rotating Tower, Dubai, UAE

Have you ever seen a building in motion that actually changes its shape? Sounds unbelievable but it is true that this building will never appear exactly the same twice.

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