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High Life Beautiful Things Around The World That Can't Be Seen Any More

Beautiful Things Around The World That Can’t Be Seen Any More

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You might be known of the list mentioned below but you had no idea that they are no more. Yo have thought of visiting there but unfortunately they exist no more.

Lets have a look on the list of the marvelous places which can’t be seen any more:

The tunnel tree

The Tunnel Tree was brought down by a huge storm in January 2017. Though it was totally a man made structure and chances getting another tree like is pretty less.

the wedding cake rock

The problem aroused was that huge amount of tourists start visiting the place. Turns out, Wedding Rock couldn’t handle that many people. In 2014, a student was dead when the cliff on which he was standing collapsed.

paris love lock bridge

Increasing weight of locks was making the bridge heavy and unstable. Authority had no other option but to remove the locks and prevent people from putting new ones.

the natural museum of natural history

Last year, the National Museum of Natural History, Delhi was devastated in a fire which ended up demolishing most of its priceless things.


the guaira falls

The Guaira Falls were the largest falls among the world even bigger than the Niagra Falls. The falls were submerged because they were situated between the borders of Brazil and Paraguay. While its ownership was disputed and there was need of energy too.

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