High Life Beauty Sins To Avoid During Winter Season

Beauty Sins To Avoid During Winter Season

 Fatal Beauty Sins to Avoid this Winter

Who said that the coming of winter is a license for beauty crimes? At newton essay, we believe you should pay particular attention to keep off deadly beauty sins that could hurt your public image. In this post, we have listed some of the beauty sins you need to shun to remain a “beauty-abiding” lady this winter. Remain with us to discover more and keep yourself on the safe side of the law of beauty.

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Beauty Sins To Avoid During This Winter

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 Failing to Exfoliate

One of the biggest and most costly beauty sins most women commit this season is ignoring to exfoliate their skin. It is necessary to remember that as winter takes its toll on the environment, it dries your skin’s top layer, leaving behind dead and flaked skin that requires prompt removal. If you don’t perform this critical ritual, you will end up with a dull complexion and clogged pores.

Over Exposing Your Skin to Heat

Since it is a cold season, it is normal and expected of all of us to devise ways of keeping our bodies warm. Most of us resort to lengthy steaming hot showers to get warmth on our skin. However, how you do it can defeat its goal and end up exposing your skin to excessive heat that could harm it. The reason is that excess heat sucks out necessary moisture from your skin, and hence, drying it. When this happens, your skin weakens because it loses its natural layer of oil. To avoid this sin and its deadly consequences, take shorter hot showers and limit the amount of time you expose your skin to hot water.

Beauty Sins To Avoid During This Winter


Forgetting to Moisturize an Oily Skin

Well, many women assume since they have oily skin, they are better than their counterparts with dry skin. This assumption makes them think they don’t need to moisturize their skin during winter because it may not dry as fast as a dry one. However, it is necessary to understand that even though it may take longer to notice the dryness, your skin still loses water during winter. Therefore, you should differentiate between losing water and having a dry skin since water is essential to the health and all the functions of your skin. To deal with this challenge, do not stop moisturizing during winter. Instead, use oil-free and light moisturizers that will enable your skin to remain balanced through the provision of hydration and controlling oil production.

Under Moisturizing Your Skin

The last beauty sin you should avoid like the plague is under moisturizing your skin. If you commit this sin during winter, then be prepared to face deadly consequences. For instance, your skin will lose moisture and dry up, leading to a flaky and scaly texture. Therefore, it is necessary to moisturize it because during winter, skin loses up to 25 percent of its moisture content.

Beauty Sins To Avoid During This Winter



You are now up to date with the lethal beauty sins you have to avoid if you want to enjoy vibrant and glowing skin this winter. By avoiding these sins, you will bring your skin to greater levels of beauty this cold season.

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