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News DAVID BECKHAM To Now Star In A Documentary Film

DAVID BECKHAM To Now Star In A Documentary Film

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Former English footballer and hearthrob of millions all over the world DAVID BECKHAM is ready to star in the documentary- David Beckham: For THE LOVE OF THE GAME.


The movie is set to be Commissioned by a British broadcasting network, and shall showcase Beckham playing football in seven continents. The film lasting for 90 minutes will follow Beckham on a journey from the villages of Papua New Guinea to the foothills of Nepal and the streets of Buenos Aires.

We shall also see him playing football with local people and learn about their lives in the desert plains of Djibouti and the beautiful spellbinding pitches of Miami along with the frozen wastelands of Antarctica.


There can never be a journey more fun than travelling with a close friend. And so Beckham will have his childhood friend Dave GARDENER by his side. Beckham and gardener together will explore the daily struggles of those who wish to make a living in environments that are a new challenge everyday and those who finally get to live the dream.

david-beckham-brooklyn-birthday-mar52015The amazing and life-changing journey will end at Old Trafford, where he will play his final game with a host of well-known footballers. 


“This epic journey will allow me to show the positive side of the game I love and shine a light on the passion and selflessness of people that play this sport as a force for good,” said Beckham for BBC on Monday .

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