Bedridden For 11 Years, Man Cures Himself After Doctors Fail to Save Him

A man named Doug Lindsay is getting viral on social media for a unique and surprising reason. For 11 years, he was bedridden — until he came up with a cure for his condition and surgery that helped him get back on his feet. Yes, 11 years ago Doug a man from St. Louis, Missouri left his college as he was so sick. He could stay up for two hours a day. He was weak, had a racing heart and frequent dizziness. His health condition was genetic as his mother and aunt suffered from a similar ailment.

In just an overnight in 1999, 21 years old Doug turned from an enthusiastic biology student into a college dropout because of his health condition. Due to this sickness, he could only walk for about 50 feet at a time and stood up for more than a few minutes at a time.

Doctors even after the years of research and tests were clueless to find out what actually is troubling his body. Being a studious biology student he researched a lot about him and left no stone unturned to know what is bothering his body. Eventually, after 11 years of being bedridden, he figured out that his adrenal glands were malfunctioning — they were acting as if afflicted with a tumour. He was producing too much adrenaline due to that.

With the help of a doctor. H. Cecil Coghlan, a medical professor at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Lindsay received a diagnosis, finally, of bilateral adrenal medullary hyperplasia, according to CNN. He found out the solution himself and convinced a doctor to do the surgery on one gland, and he improved greatly. Now, he is 41 years old and works as a medical consultant.