Beer Can Help Increase Life Span According To PETA’s Latest Research


A statement issued by PETA stated that beer may be more beneficial than milk.

Drinking alcohol or beer is not good for health. Perhaps this is why we are told about the benefits of drinking milk since childhood. But according to the latest research of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) drinking beer can be more beneficial than drinking milk. The benefits of milk for physical and mental development are being told to us since childhood. Considering its benefits, in some families, one to two glasses of milk is given to people daily.
According to PETA, drinking beer is more beneficial than milk. Beer not only makes bones strong but drinking it also increases lifespan. PETA has advised people not to drink too much milk.

PETA has also exposed many disadvantages of drinking milk. It has been told that milk also causes fatal diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cancer.PETA has made this claim based on a report by the Harvard School of Public Health. This statement is also being linked to the benefits of being vegetarian. However, after this claim, a big debate has erupted.

Beer is considered an alcoholic beverage. Many nutrients are found in the things used to make it. Barley, wheat, corn, and rice are used to make beer. Not only this, in addition to 90 percent water present in beer, there are many nutrients that benefit the body including fiber, calcium, iron.

Beer also works to strengthen human bones. It is also said to be very beneficial for the development of body muscles. While drinking milk can cause many types of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer diseases.

A statement issued by PETA also stated that beer may be more beneficial than milk, but still it is a product containing alcohol. Therefore drinking too much beer is also dangerous for health.
The research was told that wine and beer supplements can improve heart health. Not only this, it can reduce the risk of premature death due to heart diseases. This study was done by researchers from the University of Texas and Shandong University for 8 years.

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