Here is this list of things about Things That Non-Indians Thinks When They Think Of India, we took this to you from the world of social media. A long time ago, a Reddit user asked netizens from all around the world, What comes to your mind when you hear about India? The answers were quite funny, impressive and quirky. Let’s jump into this Saare jahaan se misunderstood list:

#1 What can we say!

#2 Yeah! You got it right…

#3 Right

#4 !!!

#5 Food is surely tasty! can’t be sure about 2nd one. Ughh!!! Not everyone does that…

#6 Yeah man! you look in the vibey mood.

#7 No Senorita! I Didn’t…

#8 O Yeah! We wish you must see “Kumbh Ka Mela” once! haha, don’t dare…

#9 Tech support, pretty funny.


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