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High Life Periods Are Considered Impure in Islam Too? Shocking Beliefs About Menstruation in...

Periods Are Considered Impure in Islam Too? Shocking Beliefs About Menstruation in Different Religions

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Akshay Kumar’s PadMan, which deals the issue of menstrual hygiene, has been banned in Pakistan. The country’s Federal Censor Board has refused to give its nod for the release of the R Balki directorial on the lines of “traditions and culture”. In such case, it is important to know what has been written there in the holy book of Muslims, Quran about the menstruation.

1) Islam:

According to the Quran, when women’s suffer periods, men should stay away from them. However, this is not because women during this time become impure. Rather, this should be done because women suffer a lot of pain and difficulty during this span. They undergo extreme pain. 

The other side says about why women are kept away from religious things during the periods is, The Begum Ayesha of Mohammad Sahib was unable to complete the journey of Mecca due to the Periods. Then Mohammed had said that it may be because this is what God wants for the daughters of Adam.

2) Hinduism:

In Hindus, a woman is considered impure at this time. There are many beliefs in different holy books of Hindus. According to the traditions, if a woman is in her periods she is not supposed to enter the temple or pooja room in the house. She should keep a distance from others in the family, should not was or comb her hair, should not touch pickle, should not put on kajal or any type of makeup, should not enter the kitchen. In short, a woman should lead a simple life during menstruation.

Reasons Behind Seclusion:

The first reason why women were kept secluded is that at the time of menstruation, a woman is more prone to get affected by infections. Therefore she was kept in a different room to avoid getting infected. Secondly, women are barred from doing housework at this time because a woman’s body becomes very weak and needs good amount of rest. That is why it is advised that women excuse themselves from housework and take rest in a room. They are also advised to stay away from other people because at the time of menstruation, a woman’s body generates negative energy which can also affect the people around her.

3) Christianity:

Christianity is the largest religion in the world. The holy book Bible refers to menstruation when Eve ate the apple. However, in this religion women are allowed to go to church.

4) Sikhism:

Periods in Sikh religion have not been considered defiled. Firt Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev, has said that the thing which is important to give bith to a new life is a mother’s blood. This is the reason why women are allowed to do all the work even during the periods.

5) Buddhism:

Periods are also considered sacred in Buddhism. That is, women can do every job during this period. 

6) Judaism:

In Judaism, menstruation is considered so unholy that a man can not directly take anything from such a woman. For this, the woman will keep that stuff on the ground and the male will pick it up. According to this religion, touching a woman who is down with periods, eating her leftovers, smelling her perfume even listening to her song is restricted.

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